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6 Review Management Tips for Recruitment Agencies

91% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

And 90% of people take the time to read online reviews before visiting a business.

93% of people say online reviews impact their buying decisions.

68% of consumers are willing to pay up to 15% more for the same product or service if assured they’ll have a better experience. 

Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a business more.

Sources: Podium & Brightlocal

What If Your Business Doesn’t Have Any Reviews At All?

A solid review management strategy can help you to manage online reviews, and use positive sentiment to your advantage.

1. Get a review management strategy to help you generate positive reviews and handle negative reviews in the right way.

2. Claim your business page on Recruito.

3. Track and respond to your reviews e.g. using Recruito – this will give you more visibility and control.

4. Use your strategy to fix problems, build credibility and trust and increase sales.

5. Prioritise fixing issues identified in negative reviews – embrace the opportunity to improve.

6. Share the positives – spread the positive sentiment to build credibility.

Why You Can't Afford To Neglect Review Management